The Strategic Perspective

New product: Strategic Review

  • We are now offering a full, in depth Strategic Review of your business or organisation.

  • The Strategic Review will be managed by Alistair Marner BA (Hons), MSc. The target business or organisation will be scrutinised both on and off site. As well as analysing existing data; gathering new data; applying relevant process models; and considering concepts and understanding of the strategic planners’ framework of core subject components. The analysis will aim to present a considered opinion on the organisation's position. This will allow the client to better understand opportunities for competitive advantage; and a deeper understanding of the organisations’ strategic risk profile.

  • A significant benefit of the ordering a strategic review from Procredos is the training that is offered. Procredos will offer training on relevant process models that will aid and enable ongoing organisational strategic alignment.

  • The Strategic Review package will be presented on completion of the project, as well as a presentation. A full and frank discussion of the findings will take place, where future support and/ or requirements can be discussed.

  • The Strategic review is offered to businesses and organisations of all sizes. Contact us today for a quote.


Scope of Our Business

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    Small, medium or large, businesses or organisations.

About Us

Consulting-teamwork-group-ethinic-grouphandshakeProcredos is a strategy house, that strives to deliver elegant, concise, comprehensive and coherent solutions to organisations and businesses of all sizes. Our aim is to assist management by delivering the relevant information and tools to thrive in todays dynamic enviroments.

Our focus has changed, but we've been around for a while...

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"The service we received from Procredos when sourcing finance for our farm in France, was greatly appreciated." 2008